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Selected Publications:

Doberstein, Carey, Hickey, Ross and Eric Li. “Nudging NIMBY: Do positive messages regarding the benefits of increased housing density influence resident stated housing development preferences?” Land Use Policy, 54 (July 2016): 276-289

Hickey, Ross. "Intergovernmental Transfers with Re-election Concerned Politicians", Economics of Governance, 16.4 (2015): 331-351.

Fu, Chunling and Ross Hickey “The Costs of Regulatory Federalism: does provincial labor market regulation impede the integration of Canadian immigrants?”, Journal of International Migration and Integration, 16.4 (2015): 987-1002.

Hickey, Ross. “Bicameral Bargaining and Federation Formation”, Public Choice, 154.3 (March 2013): 217-241.

Battisti, Michele, Jane Friesen and Ross Hickey. "Funding Special Education: Incentives and Outcomes in British Columbia". Canadian Public Policy, 38.2 (June 2012): 147-166.

Hickey, Ross and David Jacks. "Nominal Rigidities and Retail Price Dispersion in Canada over the Twentieth Century". Canadian Journal of Economics, 44.3 (August 2011): 749-780.

Friesen, Jane, Ross Hickey and Brian Krauth. "Disabled Peers and Academic Achievement", Education Finance and Policy, 5.3 (Summer 2010): 317-348.

Projects in Preparation: Charitable Giving, Lobbying, Crime


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